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Small Business Loans


We offer customized short term bridge loans to borrowers seeking capital to acquire a business, franchise, or refinance a commercial property. We are a direct source of private capital for the different risk tolerances and investment objectives of experienced sponsors and investors.


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Insider Tips

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Insider Tip #1

Never be afraid to ask your Private Money lender, “What about this deal don’t you like?” Or “What can I do to make this deal more attractive to you?” Private money lenders want to lend as much as you want to borrow. Maybe there is only one or two things you need to do to make your deal a homerun, but you’ll never know unless you ask!


Insider Tip #3

Never, Never, never try to misrepresent the value of your property. Private Money lenders are conservative. They lend on property based upon conservative values to ensure their money is safe. Private Money lenders will ALWAYS do their homework and determine the “true” value of your property. Thus, it doesn’t do any good to try to hide or overstate it – the lender will figure it out.


Insider Tip #2

Ask your Private Money lender what their “sweet spot” is. Every lender has a different niche, and you don’t want to waste your time applying to a lender that doesn’t like your type of deal. In what geography do they lend? The city or the burbs? Do they like land or just structures? Residential or commercial? A good lender will have no problem telling you exactly what types of loans they are looking for.


Insider Tip #4

Credit isn’t everything, but it tells a story. At Black Swan Capital, we realize that one reason you may need a private money loan is because of credit issues. That is why it is not the most important underwriting criteria. But recognize that it will be used in understanding your character. For example, did you lose a job? Get a divorce? There’s always a story behind a credit report and we want to hear it.

Black Swan Capital focuses on the value of the target property or company, its cash flow predictability and stability rather than the borrower's credit score. We offer a variety of loan structures to make the deal work. When the deal is good enough, money is never a problem. We're here to get deals done and help you make money. 

Non-owner-occupied properties only.

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